Fossil is a global lifestyle company specializing in consumer fashion accessories. A distinctive modern vintage design aesthetic defines the Fossil brand, fusing elements of vintage creative culture, Mid-Century Modern design, and contemporary fashion. With offerings that include watches, jewelry, leather goods, sunwear, apparel, and footwear, Fossil continues to grow as it introduces new designs, stores, and product categories.

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Gen 5 Smartwatches Starting at $149

Stop by and get Gen 5 Smartwatches starting at $149 in store. GEN 5 SMARTWATCHES starting at $149 beginning 11/19/2020 and ending 12/1/2020 at partic...

40% Off Almost Everything

Shop in store today and take 40% off almost everything, for a limited time only.  40% OFF your purchase beginning 11/20/2020 and ending 11/29/2020 at...

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