Community Room at SanTan Village

Now through December 31, 2018

SanTan Village is proud to be a community partner, and we are excited to offer you the use of our Community Room, available to local businesses and organizations for meetings, recruiting events, seminars and more.

The Community Room is available daily from 8am-8pm. The Community Room daily use fee is only $175 and includes room set-up, clean up, a large screen and utilities. Non-profit organization discount available.

The Community Room accommodates a maximum of 35 people seated. There are 12 tables with seating for 24 people, with room for 11 additional chairs as needed. We offer three different seating arrangements, including classroom, laboratory, and conference style, or you can submit a drawing to the Management Office and we will review it to see if it can be accommodated.

If you would like information on availability or would like to tour the Community Room, please call 480.384.8229, or come to the SanTan Village Management Office, located in the upper level offices above Yankee Candle.